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Jim Martin with his cast of Pupplet characters.

Jim Martin with his key Pupplet characters.

The cast of characters from Jim Martin's Pupplets.

Jim Martin and his Pupplets pose of the set of "Adventure Time". From left to right are:
Joe Negri, Baby Jeffy, Thad, Kathy Iarusso, Shrike, Jim Martin, Mort, and Quincy.

Jim Martin's Pupplets (Thad and Baby Jeffy) with Joe Negri appeared on the popular
Pittsburgh television show "Adventure Time" on WTAE channel 4.

A Pupplet's publicity photo taken on the set of "Adventure Time"
introducing the characters by name.

The Pupplets again appeared with Joe Negri (of Mister Roger's Fame)
during the American Heart Association Fund-raising drive.

These Trash Pupplets taught children the importance of recycling.

Quincy "the Dynamic Dog" and Shrike enjoy carving a Jack-o-Lantern together.

Pupplets just LOVE those Perky Pumpkin Pops!

Jim Martin's Pupplets have appeared in a number of commercials,
including this one for Tasteefreez.

Jim Martin and his Pupplets after one of their many Christmas
performances. The Pupplets performed in malls and schools
all over the Tri-State area.

Jim Martin as the Easter Bunny poses with Thad and Baby Jeffy,
his Pupplet co-stars from their spring-time show.

An early publicity photo of Jim Martin and some of his first Pupplets. Different from
mouth puppets, these hand puppets are simpler in design and have no moving mouth,
which means they must be puppeteered differently to infuse them with personality.

Cast of characters from "Mr. Punch Goes to America"
designed and built by Jim Martin. The play was performed in 1976 to
celebrate the bicentennial by the Pittsburgh Puppet Theatre
which performed in city parks and recreation centers.

Additional characters from "Mr. Punch Goes to America."
Jim Martin was the Artistic Director for the Pittsburgh Department
of Parks and Recreation for 8 years before going to New York
for "The Great Space Coaster."

Behind the scenes shot of Audrey II (pods 1, 2, 3 & 4) built by Jim Martin
and the students of the Pittsburgh Playhouse for "Little Shop of Horrors."
Martin P. Robinson, the original puppet designer and performer on both
the off-Broadway production and the on-Broadway revival production
praised Jim Martin's work, saying "I thought I was looking at photos of
my original plants in Little Shop of Horrors."

Not quite an Audrey II, this little plant
with the big smile is a Pupplet original
built by Jim Martin and Jack Roof.

This Bulldog puppet was designed and
built by Jim Martin and Joan D'hert to be
a mascot character for a local football team.

Early in his career, Jim Martin had the pleasure of working with renowned puppet
designers and builders Don Salin (far left) and Kermit Love (far right), shown here
with one of their creations "The Gobbler."

Jim Martin's Pupplet characters pose for a family portrait

Jim Martin's Pupplets enjoy a jam session at the recording studio.
These publicity photos of "The Thaddy Thorndyke Band" promoted
ARP's newest creation at the time: the ARP Odyssey keyboard.

Thad's jammin' on his new ARP Odyssey keyboard!

Baby Jeffy became such a popular Pupplet character that
Jim Martin only felt it right to introduce audiences to Jeffy's Mom
(shown here with a banana).

Jim Martin shows Thad the poster for their puppet-performance.
Thad is ready to give his seal of approval!

This Pupplet promotional post card was produced when
Audrey II became a member of the Pupplet ensemble.

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