- The Puzzle Place -

Jim Martin poses with his principal characters
Ben Olafson and Chief Piece Police from
"The Puzzle Place."

Jim Martin with Ben Olafson
playing Santa Claus for a holiday
episode of "The Puzzle Place."

Jim Martin and the characters
of "The Puzzle Place" send their
holiday wishes out to all the fans.

Jim Martin lends some support
to a toppling tower of Piece Police characters
from "The Puzzle Place."

Jim Martin (performing Ben) and
and Noel McNeal (performing Leon)
shoot some hoops on "The Puzzle Place."

A behind the scenes look at some of the cast and characters
of "The Puzzle Place." From left to right are: Peter Linz (Skye),
Carmen Osbahr (Kiki), Noel McNeal (Leon) and Alice Dinnean (Julie).

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