- The Great Space Coaster -

The drum from the set of "The Great Space Coaster"
displaying the show's logo.

John Lovelady, Gary Gnu, Jim Martin, Valerie Harper, Goriddle Gorilla,
and Kevin Clash on the set of Gary Gnu's No Gnews show.

M.T. Promises posing with his fan club,
Kevin Clash "Goriddle" and
Francis Kane "Baxter".

M.T. Promises pops his top and puppeteer
Jim Martin waves hello behind the scenes of
"The Great Space Coaster."

Edison Elephant was originally performed by John
Lovelady. When he went on to perform in the NBC network
series "Mr. Smith," Jim Martin assumed the role of Edison.

Joke-meister Baffel (Performed by Jim Martin)

Yes, there WAS a No Gnewstand!

Gary goes gnuts when someone on the set
tries to sneak actual news into his No Gnews show.

MARK HAMILL (Star Wars' own Luke Skywalker) on the set
of "The Great Space Coaster." Gary says, "Feel the power of No Gnews!"

Gary Gnu (performed by Jim Martin) visits with his
gneighbor Knock-Knock (performed by John Lovelady).
Jim watches their performance on an off picture
video monitor.
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